"A society can go through new and positive transformations in multiple dimensions if it  treasures dedicated and dynamic citizens qualified with practical and development-friendly education. Nepal has yet to do many things in the field of education in order to herald such changes". Emphasizing on the necessity of quality education, Dhruba Bhattarai, one of the  familiar names in the field of education and social service further underlines the need of unity among people in building the nation. Dhruba Bhattarai is one of the educationists and social activists of Nepal. Born as the eldest son of Mayadevi and late Janadarna Bhattarai in Bhuvan Pokhari-05, Palpa, Mr.Bhattarai has passed Master's Degree in Economics from Central Department of Economics, Tribhuvan University. He is associated with various organizations as an educationists and administrator. He is the Director of Kathmandu Model College. He has been working also at KMC School, Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School, Himalaya College of Engineering and Kathmandu Model Research Foundation as a founder and administrator. Besides, he has been working for the academic and economic development of the country as the Founder President of Nepal Economic society for Research and Development (NESRAD). Mr. Bhattarai is a lecturer of Economics at Saraswoti Multiple Campus for 10 years now. Mr. Bhattarai had to go through many difficulties since his childhood to ensure his successful career in these different sectors. His father passed away while he was three, and his mother ter and two sons including Mr. Bhattarai, sister Bhagawati and brother Bishnu Bhattari. He had to go through many tribulations during his studies in the school and college. Many times at school, he borrowed his friends' books to finish his assignments and prepare for the exams. Mr. Bhattarai is also a dedicated social activist. He believes that social service is the condition in which one prioritizes the welfare of others giving up his personal interests. It is a subject of individual choice. This lecturer of Economics dreams of enough prospects of big leaps of economic development, but he thinks only sustainable peace in the country can ensure it. "Water resources should be properly utilized and tourism industries should be promoted to obtain such economic development" he says, "But, it can be possible if the leadership is efficient and honest and governance is transparent. Nepal possesses the capacity to be one of the developed and prosperous countries, but it is unfortunate that a large population of the country is languishing under the poverty line. Scientific agricultural development and its transformation into business enterprise integrated tourism industry, proper utilization of natural resources i.e. water, forest, minerals etc are some of the ways that can ensure the country's rise in development. Mr. Bhattarai suggests that the leadership with strong support and participation of experts should initiate for the economic upliftment of the country, and every citizen should come out from their places with creative and innovative thoughts, honesty, and with a high sense of optimism for the same. Mr. Bhattarai has a strong zeal and great commitment for social service. He wants to extend his involvement in this sector more in future. Mr. Bhattarai currently lives at Buddhanagar, Kathmandu with his wife Ms. Sarita Bhusal (Bhattarai), college teacher in English and two sons Amritam and Arpan Bhattarai.